I am a designer and a developer. It can be challenging to describe what I know and what I am really good at.

The concept of “full-process” defines me as a professional. Let me break it down.

  1. A full-process designer concerns themselves with the entire creative process. (Reflect -> Make -> Observe -> Repeat)

  2. A full-process designer does not let the excitement of starting a new project carry them past the important initial steps.

  3. A full-process designer has focused their skill set on being able to take an idea from inception to completion, yet is able to interface with, and welcomes the collaboration of others more specialized in their vertical.

  4. A full-process designer is more concerned with process than outcomes, trusting that good process will always lead to good outcomes.

  5. A full-process designer is not confined by tools or trends although uses these things to achieve the desired result.

  6. A full-process designer documents their thinking and will never expect someone to understand their vision without context.

  7. A full-process designer can lead as well as follow.

  8. A full-process designer asks questions throughout the entire process.

  9. A full-process designer understands how to create as well as sell their work.

  10. A full-process designer understands that the quality of the conversations held are largely responsible for the outcome of the process. The quality of the resulting product reflects the quality of the creative process—and the curiosity and determination of the participants.

I am both designer and developer. Years of building my knowledge base let me understand and create end-to-end solutions that translate seamlessly from the design, to the application, to the user.

The credit for putting this manifesto into the bullet points above goes to Late Nights with Trav & Los. (Thank you, guys!)

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