Here's an infographic about the definition of Full-Stack Designer and Full-Stack Developer and how they are related between each other.

In the design area most of the steps are very similar with the same results using different tools, but in web development there are some differences since there's a lot of technologies involved and companies that uses some of them. Trying to learn them and stay up to date with all technologies in development is pretty difficult so you're going to find developers with different skills and specialties.

This infographic is personalized about my skills and where I want to learn and specialize, I have learned some back-end and dev-ops because are necesary to build end deploy websites for an end to end work. I'm always growing on both areas at the same time as technologies and new strategies updates and industries demands. This infographic doesn't mean that I know everything about it but what my skill goals. I'm pretty confortable with everything in between that covers "Full-Stack Designer" and more. About Full-Stack Developer I've have done a lot of projects (small and big) I'm pretty confortable with Basic Front-End but I'm still triving in the Back-End area. For more deep information about what I have learned so far you can download my skill path

I didn't added anything about graphic design (print), 3d, illustration, as well as photography. Most of them are a good to have in the areas that I want to specialize. Hoever I treat those areas profesionally the same as web design and development, because those are part of my services for 3E Studio. It's just where I want specialization.

Full-Stack Infographic

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