Alejandro Finy

Seattle, WA

I’m a full-stack visual designer, web developer and illustrator based in Seattle, WA with 20+ years of experience building solutions for technology companies and digital agencies.

ACFiny Typeface

Graphic Design


Personal project


Graphic Designer, Creative Lead

Project Brief

As a personal creative project, I wanted to experiment with the construction of a typography based on a grid system that I can use openly to create other designs

Key Insight

Typography alone can be used to create a design; its elements can be used to make a whole design with no other elements


I designed a font built out of a square block that can fit into a grid system and has elements that are mathematically interconnected

Specialties Used

Graphic design: Typography / font design
Illustration: Vectorized digital illustration

Technologies Used

Adobe Illustrator (Adobe Creative Cloud)


The ACFiny font is an extra bold, sans serif, minimalist, technology-styled typeface which can be used in a creative and simple fashion because it is based on a grid system. It contains geometric elements that create a sense of interconnectedness between the characters. The ACFiny typeface is particularly fit for titles or headlines, pattern creation or abstract designs.

ACFiny Font Face
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