Alejandro Finy

Seattle, WA

I’m a full-stack visual designer, web developer and illustrator based in Seattle, WA with 20+ years of experience building solutions for technology companies and digital agencies.


3D Modeling


Personal project


Graphic Designer

Project Brief

As a personal creative project, I wanted to use my Autodesk 3ds Max training to create a 3D model of a MechWarrior Behemoth II tank, a vehicle from the table top role-playing game

Key Insight

The main idea behind the project was to create a 3D model of a physical cast-model from scratch; to be accurate, the right scales must be applied and to be realistic, the right types of weathering effects, textures, and identifiable colors had to be implemented


Precisely measuring every part of the physical cast-model using an architect scale ruler and Vernier caliper, I took the measurements which I then used in Autodesk 3ds Max to develop an exact 3D model; for textures and weathering effects, I created patterns that I utilized by applying mapped coordinates to the object (UVW Map Modifier)

Specialties Used

Graphic Design: 3D graphics, modeling and rendering

Technologies Used

Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Creative Cloud)
Autodesk 3ds Max


Creating this high-resolution 3D model from a physical object was a long exercise in measuring and mapping. Accuracy was very important; weathering and textures were critical to make the tank realistic

3D Behemoth Tank
3D Behemoth Tank
3D Behemoth Tank
3D Behemoth Tank
3D Behemoth Tank
3D Behemoth Tank
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