Alejandro Finy

Seattle, WA

I’m a full-stack visual designer, web developer and illustrator based in Seattle, WA with 20+ years of experience building solutions for technology companies and digital agencies.

Octopus Vulgaris Illustration



Personal project


Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Project Brief

As a personal creative project, I wanted to experiment with technical / scientific illustration by hand that I would then digitize to examine its use in digital format

Key Insight

Putting special attention to detail and working with precision when creating an illustration by hand will produce an asset that, when it is digital, can easily be used for web or screen sprinting; if the lines of the illustration are not meticulous, the digitized quality does not make the asset very versatile


I hand-illustrated a large format object, in this case an octopus, and kept all lines very clean; the large format allows the space needed to include detail that would otherwise be quite difficult to include in a smaller size

Specialties Used

Illustration: Scientific illustration
Graphic Design: Web and print graphics

Technologies Used

Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Creative Cloud)


Using scientific illustration for the exercise was a good decision, as the challenge of adding small details meant I really had to be careful with the cleanliness of the lines. Illustrating in a large format allowed me the space to pay attention to the details. I created an antique-feeling poster after digitizing the image and I am interested in using it for a silkscreen project

World Freestyle Round Up 2015
World Freestyle Round Up 2015
World Freestyle Round Up 2015
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